"Here’s Johnny" by Andrew Valko
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Photograph by Emily Berl
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The internet doesn’t excuse racism so don’t say something racist as shit and expect to get aways with it because it’s “just the internet” that type of thinking is problematic and keeps ignorance and racism alive

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I need to have as much wild sex as possible so one day I can become an inappropriate old lady that blurts out things like “when I was your age I got a concussion after being bent over a desk” and then my family can be like “grandma please, you’re making easter dinner really uncomfortable” and it’ll be great

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guardians of the galaxy was a cool ass movie don’t get me wrong but the thing that bothered me about it was that the female lead was strong and independent as fuck and I loved her but then towards the end she said something like “we’ll follow you anywhere” to the male lead and I was just like wow. Fuck that. We need more superhero movies with women leads without the submission

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white girls who want my culture’s bindis and saris and henna 

take my skin colour too

and my dark brown lips

take my self-hatred because i don’t fit into the euro-centric ideals of beauty

take the oppression too

take the history of colonization that has devastated my country

and the drones that currently devastate my country

take all the bad stuff too

not just the pretty, shiny, sparky bits

take the ugly, dehumanizing and shitty parts too


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44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

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We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life. Carl Jung  (via psych-facts)
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Start ignoring people who threaten your joy.
Literally, ignore them.
Say nothing.
Don’t invite any parts of them into your space. Alex Elle  (via sunflower-mama)
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"I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in."
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this fallen tree trunk made way for new life
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